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Blood Must Bear Your Name by Sue Walker; Poetry; Hard Cover

A book about the lasting effects of blood ties.
The Appearance Of Green by Sue Walker; Poetry; Perfect Bound

Poems about poets and writers and about family.
Discovering Pigs by Catherine Moran; Poetry; Perfect Bound

This collection of poems views people, places and pigs as a part ofthe poet's insight into coping with the world that we must address.
What The Moon Knows by Sue Scalf; Poetry; Perfect Bound

This collection is undoubtedly her most mature work and the most unified in theme. The theme is, simply put, loss and survival. And as a leitmotif underlying the poems, there runs the subtle thread of affirmation.
The Earth Still Turns by Barbara Blanks & Brown Bag Poets; Poetry; Perfect Bound

Brown Bag Poets is a critique group of six award-winning and published women. The Earth Still Turns is their eclectic collection of the joys, doubts, mysteries, humor & grief we all encounter in life--and is about the courage and strength that help us survive.
That Other Brightness by Virginia Gilbert; Poetry; Perfect Bound

"The voice can leap from that of clear anecdotal that of a power-charged dream vision....Repeatedly, in ways that remind me of...Emily Dickinson and Lorine Niedecker, an integrity of highly personalized expression is preserved....At its best, this happens in the service of a complex understanding and in the service of a conscienceful witnessing." ---Albert Goldbarth
Greatest Hits 1970-2003 by Virginia Gilbert; Poetry; Staple Stitched

"The poets in this series write about their lives as poets with much diversity---some focusing on how the whole life affects their their work. Others focus on their education, teaching, and presentations. The poets have been asked to write about the lives of the poems as well. From academic poets to community and street poets, the Greatest Hits series provides their top 12 numbers from a broad range of venues and publishing histories. This invitational celebrates poetry's place in our culture and honors the artists whose lines elevate America's poetic sensibilities." ---from the back cover
I've Heard Verse: awfully good poetry by Barbara Blanks; Poetry; Perfect Bound

Poetry is not a curse word. Poems can be full of pun and nonsense--and I’VE HEARD VERSE is certainly full of something. Barb’s word play is strangely amusing, slightly twisted, and simply fun. Suitable for ages twelve and up, these light-hearted and delightful poems may make you see the light--that is, if you think you don’t like or understand poetry, this book will either change your attitude or … Poof! Barb will change you to a pigeon. (see page 29 ) Contact Barb at
Out of the Wreckage: The Pop Stories by Barbara Blanks; Nonfiction; Perfect Bound

Age happens--then everything else hits the fan. When my father-in-law's life changes overnight, mine does, too. These mostly light-hearted stories offer encouragement to others in a similar situation--past, present or future. See Pop romance the Little Debbie brownies, battle against bathing, and enjoy being the "only rooster in the henhouse." Meet the Old Lady Gang at Mayberry, and Bossy Barb, the elf Santa doesn't talk about. Pop's stories also candidly describe how he adjusts to communal living, handles his increasing infirmity and his approaching death from pancreatic cancer. We're all riding the same train, so join us on our simple adventures as we haul ourselves out of the wreckage.
What It Means To Climb A Tree by Carey Link; Poetry; Staple Stitched

What It Means To Climb A Tree is a chapbook sequence of tree climbing poems.
Giant Steps by Barbara Blanks and Mary Winklebleck; Fiction; Perfect Bound

Barbara Compton’s twelfth summer is supposed to be the best ever—and then her world humpty-dumpties when her parents die. Not only must she deal with her older sister (aka Old Grim and Gruesome) as her guardian, but she’s threatened with the additional losses of her home, old friends, and her dog. Barbara resists all attempts that would force her to take giant steps into her future. How can she hang on to what’s left of the only world she’s ever known? Set in the 50s, life might seem simpler then, but death is never easy. Even so,humor still finds its way into the sisters' lives.
Flesh of the Sun: Life Above the Ground by Barbara Blanks; Poetry; Perfect Bound

This collection of prize-winning poems by Barbara Blanks carries the reader through the range of human experiences. Perhaps a normal, sensible sequence would begin with Dawn, and end with Dusk or Eclipse, but she chooses to start with light and a kiss from the gods, move through the dark eclipse that sears like dragon’s breath, then feel a joyous pulse at the pinnacle of light—and have some fun along the way. Her feet might be “wet from not quite leaping over puddles” but Barb is still willing to “pull the husk away from heaven, and bite into the flesh of the sun.”
Whisper: Word to the Wise by Dr. Sharon Malone Waddle; Poetry; Perfect Bound

Contents of this book entail poetic messages that are inspirational, insightful and generates life changing goals, boldness and determination. The voice of wisdom resonates in each poetic expression.
Simply Sovereign: Birthing Out the Promise by Dr. Sharon Malone Waddle; Poetry; Perfect Bound

This inspirational Christian book is a memento to good times in family living. It is theme around survival in the storms of life and experiencing the victories through faith in Christ during health, bereavements and recovery. It speaks of family gatherings and the memories of lifetime relationships.

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