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Members names are saved with First, Middle and Last names in separate fields. When searching for a given member, search on just the First name or just the Last Name.

You are not required to enter a full First or Last name... a partial name is sufficient. Searching for "John" would return "John", "Johnathan", "Johnson", etc.

Do NOT enter both First and Last names together. For example, if you wanted to locate a member named "Edgar Allen Poe", you could find it with "Edgar" OR "Allen" OR "Poe" (or "Ed" or "Al"), but you would NOT find it if you searched on the full name "Edgar Allen Poe".

First OR Last Name:

Keyword Search can be used to find a "keyword" in either a Poem Name, or within the Poetry verse. Unless you know and exact "phrase" that you're looking for, use only a single word for your "keyword" search. (Keywords must be 4 or more characters.)

Keyword Search:

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