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While only the fields in red are required for registration, filling in all fields will make the site more usefull to you and to other members.. Personal information such as address, city, state, zip, phone & email are required for our contact purposes. If you wish not to have these items displayed on the web site, simply click the appropriate check-boxes at the bottom of the form to suppress these items from displaying on the site.

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As indicated above, personal information such as address, city, state, zip, phone & email can be suppressed from displaying on the web site, if you so choose. To prevent the display of given items, simply click the appropriate check-boxes to suppress a given item.

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After registration, your record will be entered into our database and will be activated for you to log in as soon as we receive your dues. Dues are $20.00 per year. Please mail with your dues check (along with your name, address, phone, and e-mail address) to:
Myra Ward Barra, Treasurer
21 Seddon Pt
Pell City, AL  35128

For more info, e-mail our Officer,
, at

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