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  • 2015 ASPS Poet of the Year

    The 2015 ASPS Poet of the Year is Jodi Adamson!

    Jodi has worked faithfully and tirelessly behind the scenes at ASPS for years, handling the nuts and bolts that make the society run. For her, this is a daily job, while the rest of us are only called upon for actual events or for our limited ASPS duties. She is dedicated and diligent, keeping track of all the membership and financial information, including her hard work and research in helping to restore our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

    In spite of all this hard work, and a full-time professional career as a pharmacist, Jodi seeks out new opportunities for members and service to the community, including spearheading the presentation project, "The Role of Poetry in the American Revolution" that was created, organized, produced, promoted, and staged for several Alabama organizations in 2014, including the Sons of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American Revolution. She is already scheduling more performances of this complex and exciting historically based lecture and recitation for 2015.

    In addition, Jodi has made quite a name for herself as a poet, winning several awards, and getting her work published in professional anthologies, within, and outside of, the traditional poetry world. Besides inclusion in poetry journals, her poems have been included in a major science fiction anthology in the steampunk genre by an up and coming publishing house, Dark Oak Press, that boasts a large number of sales and great popularity.

    She is always promoting poetry, poetic camaraderie, and literary excellence wherever she goes, whether the events are poetry related or not. She even makes poetry more fun by including humor and the employment of costumes to share her work, her ideas, and her genuine love of poetry.

    Given all this, as well as her constant "can-do" positivity, long hours of hidden, but essential, tedious work in the background of our organization, and the thankless nature of all this effort, we have elected to name her the 2015 ASPS Poet of the Year.

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